Senior Frontend Developer, Global Tech Startup


19 Apr 2024 | 3 นาทีอ่าน

Permanent Full-Time

THB90,000 - THB120,000

Job Type

Full time (Permanent)


THB90,000 – THB120,000

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Company Overview

This is a Global Tech Startup company specializing in an iPaaS platform that streamlines app integration, data unification, and cloud migration, accelerating business processes and democratizing data access, fostering innovation for swift, impactful business results. contributing to a close-knit team in a dynamic, inclusive, and globally-oriented  quality of life at work collaboration and broadens your professional horizon.

Position in Brief

In the Senior Frontend Developer role, the candidate will lead the development of sophisticated React applications, focusing on innovative state management, as well as driving high-quality solutions that align with strategic goals, enhance user experience, and optimize performance.

Key Responsibilities

  • Oversee frontend development projects to align with the company’s strategic goals and ensure timely delivery
  • Craft and maintain complex React application architecture, focusing on efficient component design and state management
    • Implement Redux or MobX for advanced state handling
    • Develop standardized, reusable React components for cross-project efficiency
    • Integrate client-side routing to enhance the effectiveness of single-page applications
  • Enhance user interfaces focusing on user experience using modern JavaScript (ES6+) and React features
  • Optimize application performance using advanced techniques, ensuring efficient operation and user satisfaction
    • Apply memoization, lazy loading, and code splitting for enhanced performance
    • Develop robust error handling systems to maintain application stability and smooth user experience
  • Guide team development and technological advancement
    • Mentor junior developers in best coding practices, testing, and CI
    • Collaborate with cross-functional teams for aligned technical solutions
    • Stay at the forefront of frontend technologies, advocating for innovative tools
    • Maintain high code quality and performance standards through reviews and best practice adherence


  • Key Requirement

    • A minimum of 3 years of experience in Frontend development
    • Expertise in React.js and Javascript are required
    • A Frontend Developer skilled at creating intricate dashboards with extensive data visualizations and detailed logic
    • Experience with state management libraries such as Redux, MobX, Recoil, or Context API to manage the application state effectively
    • Familiarity with  
      • design and develop reusable, modular, and maintainable React components, with an emphasis on best practices for component hierarchy and state flow
      • client-side routing for single-page applications using React Router or similar libraries
    • Understanding the basics of performance optimization strategies for React applications, including memoization, lazy loading, and code splitting
    • Expertise in implementing error handling mechanisms within React applications to ensure stability and a smooth user experience
    • Adept at applying CSS-in-JS solutions or traditional CSS to create responsive and aesthetically pleasing designs
  • It’s a plus, if you have

    • Knowledge or experience in using TypeScript, a strongly-typed programming language that builds on JavaScript, would be a valuable asset

Working Environment & Benefits

  • Eligible for a substantial bonus, potentially up to six months’ salary
  • ESOP with a four-year vesting period, offering returns ranging from 30-100K monthly
  • US Work Trips: Annual two-week work trips to the United States
  • Enjoy 1-2 company-sponsored international excursions each year
  • Regular team gatherings near Siam, with a future permanent office near MRT Samyan, Bangkok
  • Flexible hybrid working with 1-2 office visits per week, including options for remote work and negotiable monthly office visits for those living further away