Mid Security Engineer, Digital Solution Company


28 Jun 2024 | 3 นาทีอ่าน

Permanent Full-Time

Up to THB70,000

Job Type

Full time (Permanent)


Up to THB70,000

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Company Overview

This is Digital Solution Company, Our company specializes in advanced technology solutions that enhance operational efficiency and competitive edge. Since 2013, our focus has been on integrating artificial intelligence, data analytics, automation, and cybersecurity into digital solutions that provide actionable insights and drive innovation, ultimately amplifying human capabilities and transforming business operations.

Position in Brief

Mid Security Engineer will be instrumental in advancing our cybersecurity posture, safeguarding our critical assets, and ensuring business continuity. By driving innovation and efficiency in security operations, you will not only protect our company from potential threats but also enhance our overall resilience and trustworthiness in the eyes of clients and stakeholders.

Key Responsibilities

  • Execute and maintain Splunk solutions for SIEM use cases, including log management, event correlation, and threat detection.
  • Develop and maintain custom Splunk searches, reports, dashboards, and alerts to monitor and analyze security-related data and events.
  • Assist in integrating Splunk with other security tools and technologies to enhance threat detection and response capabilities.
  • Implement and update security playbooks, automation scripts, and integrations within Splunk or other SOAR platforms as directed.
  • Collaborate with cybersecurity teams to enhance the effectiveness of security systems related to Splunk.
  • Participate in deploying and optimizing cybersecurity solutions, including network security, endpoint security, identity and access management, and data protection technologies, following established plans and guidelines.
  • Provide support and training to IT and development teams on security best practices and secure coding principles as instructed.


  • Key Requirement
    • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, Cybersecurity, or a related field.
    • 3-5 years of experience related to SIEM (Splunk), UEBA, SOAR, or other cybersecurity systems. experience in the red team is a plus.
    • Proficiency in Splunk, including Splunk Enterprise, Splunk Cloud, and Splunk Enterprise Security (ES).
    • Strong understanding of cybersecurity concepts, frameworks, and best practices, including threat intelligence and incident response.
    • Strong expertise in implementing cybersecurity related to Splunk or cybersecurity systems as directed.
  • It’s a plus, if you have
    • Familiarity with cloud-based SIEM and SOAR platforms is preferred.
    • Knowledge of big data management, identity access management (IAM), Network protocol, endpoint protection, and encryption.
    • Familiarity with industry standards and regulations, such as NIST Cybersecurity Framework, ISO/IEC 27001, GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI DSS

Working Environment & Benefits

  • Join us for 1 day a week at our office
  • Comprehensive health insurance with AIA group coverage
  • Annual health check-ups
  • Flexible working hours 
  • Professional development opportunities, including certifications and training courses.
  • 10 days of vacation per year, accrued quarterly (2.5 days per quarter, with up to 5 days carryover)
  • Provident fund (PVD) activation starting early next year

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