Geospatial Data Analytics, Satellite Operator Company


20 Jun 2024 | 3 นาทีอ่าน

Permanent Full-Time

THB50,000 - THB80,000

Job Type

Full time (Permanent)


THB50,000 – THB80,000

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Company Overview

This is Satellite Operator Company that specializes pioneering groundbreaking satellite services and High Throughput Satellite advancements. Our commitment to innovative space technology empowers global connectivity and improves lives, offering an inspiring culture of growth and learning. As part of our team, you’ll contribute to meaningful advancements in space, shaping technology’s future and making a global impact.

Position in Brief

In the Geospatial Data Analytics role, professional will be responsible for performing geospatial analysis, interpreting data, and extracting insights from satellite imagery. They will use advanced analytics techniques and tools to analyze geographic data, develop models, and provide recommendations based on findings. The Geospatial Data Analytics professional will collaborate with cross-functional teams to identify business opportunities and contribute to the development of new satellite-based services.

Key Responsibilities

  • Analyze satellite images and agricultural data to extract insights, trends, and patterns that support strategic agricultural solutions and decision-making
  • Work closely with data engineering teams to optimize data pipelines for efficient ingestion, processing, and analysis of satellite imagery and related datasets
  • Assist data scientists in refining and validating mathematical models for crop yield predictions, pest detection, and environmental impact assessments, ensuring accuracy and reliability
  • Develop intuitive dashboards and reports that visualize data insights, making complex information accessible to non-technical stakeholders for informed decision-making
  • Facilitate the integration of satellite imagery with other data sources, enhancing the comprehensiveness and depth of agricultural analytics
  • Implement and maintain quality control processes to ensure the integrity and accuracy of data used in analysis and modeling
  • Monitor and report on emerging trends in satellite imagery data, identifying potential opportunities or risks for agricultural planning
  • Act as a liaison between technical teams (data scientists and engineers) and non-technical stakeholders, translating data-driven insights into actionable agricultural strategies


  • Key Requirement

    • Bachelor’s degree or higher in Geography, Geomatics, Remote Sensing, or a related field
    • Strong background in geospatial data analysis and experience with GIS software
    • Proficiency in programming languages such as Python and R
    • Knowledge of remote sensing techniques, satellite imagery, and spatial data processing
    • Experience with data visualization tools and techniques
    • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
    • Excellent communication and collaboration abilities

Working Environment & Benefits

  • Experience the synergy of 100% in-office collaboration
  • Comprehensive outpatient care coverage for your health and well-being
  • Provident fund contributions to secure your financial future
  • Enjoy a generous allocation of 12 days of holiday leave, fostering work-life balance

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